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Terms and conditions Items of varying sizes

Terms and conditions Items of varying sizes

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following conditions will apply:

1. What can be sent

An efficient way to send your office mail. The price is based on average weight and you pay the same price per item regardless of the format or weight.

2. Formats, dimensions and weight

Maximum dimensions:

Maximum length is 60 cm. Length + width + thickness must not exceed 90 cm.
Roll form: Maximum length is 90 cm. Length + double diameter = 104 cm.

Minimum dimensions:

9 x 14 cm
Roll form: Minimum length is 10 cm.  Length + double diameter = 17 cm.

Maximum weight:

2 kilos per item

3. Prices

The price per item is based on average weight. Total weight divided by the number of items gives the average weight, which forms the basis for calculating the price per item. See price list.

  • All items in one order must have the same sender
  • No requirements to minimum number of items, but a minimum price per order is payable
  • Domestic and international mail must be kept apart for separate price calculation.

Format surcharge

An additional surcharge per item is payable if the item exceeds these dimensions:   
Format surcharge 1: Items with thickness between 2 and 7cm or larger than 35.3 x 25 cm
Format surcharge 2: Items thicker than 7cm or larger than 35.3 x 25 cm  

4. Handing in requirements

Mailings must be handed-in separate from other mail and sorted if domestic and international. Items with format surcharge must also be handed in separately.

5. Handing in points and time

Mailings can be handed in at our Business centres, Post offices and Post in Shops. Local handing-in deadlines applies.

6. Postage paid and marking

All items must be pre-printed with our P.P. Postage Paid indicia. International mail must in addition be clearly marked with Priority next to the P.P.  
For domestic items without envelope, open or plastic wrapped the text “Norge P.P.” may be used instead of the full P.P. indicia.

7. Delivery time

DestinationDelivery timeDelivery days
Within Norway2-3 workdays across the country, for mailbox there will be 2 daysMonday-Friday
To EuropeEarliest delivery after 3 - 7 workdaysMonday-Friday
Outside EuropeEarliest delivery after 5 - 9 workdaysMonday-Friday, some countries Monday-Saturday

Delivery time for international mail must be marked with Priority beside the postage paid indicia. Items that are mislabeled or not labeled at all, is sent forward with extended delivery time.

8. Addressing

To ensure that your mail is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, the recipients’ name and address must be correctly written.

9. Return address

Same sender
All items in a mailing/order shall always be marked with the same sender. The sender’s name must appear clearly on the item, either by using the company’s name or logo. In addition, all items must be marked with a full Norwegian return address.

Avoid misunderstanding between the recipient's address and the return address. Sorting machines are handling most of our mail deliveries, completely or partially.
For that reason it is important to have a clear distinction between the return address and the recipient's address. Placing the return address at the back of the item is recommended.

Sender and return address
Sender’s own address is usually the return address. Placed on the front of the item, with the use of a key word, is recommended to distinguish sender’s address from the recipient’s address.

Multiple return addresses
The sender may use multiple return addresses in the same mailing. Use of multiple return addresses, requires that sender's name/logo clearly must appear on the front of the item. If the items contains more than one address (in addition to recipient), the return address must consist of an approved keyword. The return address should preferably be placed on the back. Placed on the front we recommend that the return address is set in one single line.

Recommended return address:
Returadresse: Bedriften AS, Postboks 10, 9000 Tromsø
Bedriften AS
Postboks 10
9000 Tromsø
The following key words are approved for the return address:
Avsender, Retur Adr, Returadresse, Fra/From, Sender and Return to

Discount for machine readable items
You can earn savings by following the guidelines for correct addressing and layout in Discount terms for machine readable mail. 

10. Order/Registration of Orders

Each mailing shall be ordered online at MyPost. The consignment note shall be made and attached to the mailings. If the order is not made online, the mailings must be accompanied by an order form. All specifications shall be completed with destination, number and weight per item (in grams) or the total weight. The total weight shall be given in kilograms with one decimal.
In addition you must enter the number of items with format surcharge or additional service to complete the order.

Information on contents and recipient groups

You must tick off for contents and recipient group when ordering at MyPost or an order form. The information contributes to the preparation of official statistics for public purposes and the further development of our services.  As a part of the mapping of the advertising industry, Bring sends reports to suppliers of statistical data like Nielsen Media Research. The reports contain historical data on distribution turnover per month as specified at customer level (before discounts and exclusive of VAT)

11. Invoicing

Online orders/manual orders forms the basis for invoicing.  
Cash payment is can be arranged. Please contact our customer service by phone 04045 or kundeservice@bring.com for price calculation and payment slips, including a "KID number".

12. Contents and packaging

The items must not contain articles prohibited to be sent by Posten. The items must be tightly wrapped in order to keep the contents stable.

Please see the regulations is force regarding prohibited content, dangerous goods and limited quantities 

Items containing dangerous goods in limited quantities must be marked with labels. The label must be placed on the front of the item close to the addressee.

It is the sender’s responsibility that the contents in the item comply with regulations in force at any given time. For some special kind of goods, certain restrictions apply, which the sender is obliged to know. Posten Norge AS bear no responsibility for the items content. 

13. Customs documentation for items to abroad and Svalbard

The sender must complete a customs declaration label (CN23) when sending an item with goods. The label must be placed on the front of the item. Customs information must be registered in MyPost, which will generate the customs declaration label CN23. Read more about customs.

14. General Terms and Conditions

addition to the Product Conditions described in this document, General Terms and Conditions of Delivery for Postal Services and General Payment Terms, Posten Norge AS will apply.

Norway Post reserves the right to make adjustments of price and product conditions after prior notice, at the latest 2 months before the alterations take effect.  Information about alterations will be published on our website.