Temporary redirection

If you are going to be running your business from another location for a period of time, you can receive your mail there by downloading and completing the form.

Order at least four days before your mail is to be sent to a new address.

  • Temporary address within Norway or abroad
  • Redirection of all types of addressed letter post
  • Parcels can be redirected for a fee

Tell me what to do

Temporary redirection can be booked for up to 6 months initially and may be extended for another agreement up to 6 months.

  1. The form can either be handed in at the post office or Post-in-Shop, attached to an email to Customer Service or sent as a letter addressed to:

    Postens kundeservice Haugesund
    Stølsmyr 10,
    5542 KARMSUND

    2.    Redirection of mail can be started, at the earliest, four working days from when the form is received by Posten’s Customer Service. To be on the safe side, allow two days’ transit time by mail.

Change your order

It you would like to extend the agreement, it can be extended by up to a further six months by contacting Customer Service. In the same way, you can discontinue temporary redirection before the agreed end date by notifying Customer Service.

How much does it cost?

The service is paid through invoice and the price depends on how long the redirection will take place, and whether the temporary address is in Norway or abroad.

Prices as from 2021

Redirection period Norway - Price ex. VAT Abroad - Price ex. VAT
Up to 30 days 424,- 560,-
Continued per week 72,- 113,-

If you order an extension to the agreement, this will cost NOK 50 extra in addition to the price for the number of weeks of the extension that have been started

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