While you are on holiday

If your business will be closed during the holidays or you will be away for a period of time, we can hold your mail while you are away.

  • Safekeeping of all types of addressed mail
  • Unaddressed advertisements will be stopped while you are away
  • Registered letters, insured letters and parcels will be returned when the deadline has expired (normally two weeks)
  • If you wish, you can get your mail while it is being kept for you during this time

Tell me what to do

You can order safekeeping of mail for your business by filling out the form you can download on this page.


The form can either be handed in at the post office or Post-in-Shop, attached to an email to Customer Service or sent as a letter addressed to:

Postens kundeservice
Stølsmyr 10,

Safekeeping of mail starts two working days from when the form is received by Posten’s Customer Service. To be on the safe side, allow two days’ transit time by mail.)


Mail will be delivered to your business again on the first working day after the end date. If there is a lot of mail, you will receive a message in the post box stating that you must collect your mail at a specified location. You must present ID.
You can also get your mail while it is being kept for you. If you wish to do so, please contact Customer Service at least two days beforehand.

Change the service

It you would like to extend the time mail is held for you, you can get an extension of up to six months. Please contact Customer Service.

You should do the same if you would like to discontinue the service before the agreed end date.

How much does it cost?


The service will be invoiced, and the price will depend on how long your mail is to be stored.
Price as from 2021

Up to 15 days 228,-
Continued per week 64,-

If you order an extension to the agreement, this will cost NOK 50 (excluding VAT) extra in addition to the price for the number of weeks of the extension that have been started.

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