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Postcodes – updated postcode tables and useful information about postcodes and addresses

It is important to use the correct postcode so that mail is not delayed or returned.

The postcode register

The postcode tables contain all postcodes that are used for addressing mail in Norway. Here you will find an overview of new, changed or discontinued postcodes. The files also contain municipal numbers and names. Please note that some postcodes may extend over more than one municipality. In such cases, the municipality with the highest number of mail recipients will generally be selected. The county number is the two first digits in the municipal number, and you will find a list of counties, among other things, in the guide.

The postcode tables are valid from 2023/10/01:

Postcode tables:

Guide and file descriptionDownload guide and file description (PDF)
Postcodes in sequenceDownload with TAB-separated fields (ANSI)
Postcodes in sequenceDownload in Excel format (xlsx)

Overview of the changes

In the tables you will find all new postcodes and discontinued postcodes.

Read more about what the change files contain and how they are used in the guide.


Postcode log allNew, changed and terminated postcodesExcel format (xlsx)
Postcode log newOverview of all new postcodesTAB-separated fields (ANSI)
Postcode log changesOverview of all changesTAB-separated fields (ANSI)


Postcode search and postcode map

In the Address and postcode search, you can search for all valid addresses and postcodes in Norway. Click on a house number, and look for the address in the map finder. You can also go straight to the map finder that shows postcode boundaries. (LINK) We also have a downloadable map that shows the postcode region (PDF), i.e. just the two first digits of the postcode. 

If you have a GIS solution and want to present or create analyzers on the Norwegian postcode boundary, you can find postcode boundaries for download on the website of Geonorge.

Addresses that change postcode

Posten Norge collects up and makes changes to address postcodes on 1 October each year. The conversion tables, which are mainly developed for cleaning databases, include the addresses that change postcodes.

Date of change: 2023/10/1:

Here is a list of all the changes in 2023:

Postcode changes table (xlsx).

It is three new postal codes in the municipality of Oppdal; 7344 Oppdal, 7346 Oppdal og 7347 Oppdal. 7345 Driva changes postal name into 7345 Drivdalen. 

The conversion tables contains all addresses that are changed in the country’s postcodes.

Download file with fixed length (ANSI) 
Download TAB-delimited file (ANSI) 

Detailed information about the layout can be found in the instructions for the conversion tables.

Changes in postcodes previous years.

Allocating road addresses in municipalities

Many properties in Norway still do not have street or road addresses. Some municipalities in Norway are responsible for allocating these. Here you can download a file that shows the number of street and road addresses per postcode in Norway (xlsx). This lets you check how up-to-date your address register is. Updated on: 04/01/2016.
The Kartverket (Norwegian Mapping Authority) road address project follows up and supports municipalities that are working to provide all properties with street and road addresses. You can find more information about the allocation of street and road addresses, for example developments in municipalities and counties, on the Norwegian Mapping Authority website.   

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