Road and rail

If you want to export or import goods into Norway, this is the solution for you.

The cargo is transported by road and rail to recipients throughout the world.

  • Collected from the sender
  • All types of goods transported throughout the world
  • Your goods are transported regardless of weight and size
  • Efficient customs processing

Tell me what to do



You can order through Mybring, EDI or via your local office, and we will collect your goods.



Departures from around the world for groupage and part-load (PDF) can be found here.

The transit time for groupage and part-load (PDF) can be found here.

Full loads can be transported on any working day.  

The recipient

The recipient

The goods are delivered to your recipients Monday-Friday.

To find the right weight for your goods, you need to find the chargeable weight for your item.


How much does it cost?

You will find the price of international transport in your customer agreement or in the price lists below.

Using the price lists, first locate the zone in the country you want to send from, based on the postcode. Then find the postcode and zone in the country to which you are sending the item. 

You want to send 1 pallet weighing 500 kg from 5000 Bergen to 2400 Austria.

First, find the zone in Norway based on the postcode, which is 5005 Bergen and is in zone 6, then find the postcode for the item destination, which is 2400 in Austria. The correct zone then is zone 28, and you will find the price in the groupage export list. The price is NOK 5525.

You will find prices for international transport in your customer agreement or in price lists below. 

Prices will increase by 4.5% from December 1, 2020 for transport and other services.

Useful customs information

If your business requires help with customs clearance for international transport, we can provide good advice and guidance. Leave the paperwork to us and we will contact the customs authorities on your behalf. Please contact your local office for more information about customs.

Prices will increase by 4.9% from December 1, 2019 for transport and other services.