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To several businesses in the same country

To several businesses in the same country

If you are sending more than 20 parcels to businesses in the same country within Europe, Business Parcel Bulk is the solution for you. The parcels are delivered direct to the recipient's business during office hours.

  • Delivered direct to the recipient's business during office hours
  • Combined customs clearance
  • EDI must be used
  • Maximum weight 35 kg per parcel to countries within the Nordics and 30 kg per parcel to the rest of Europe

You can order through Mybring or via EDI, and the parcels will be collected from your business if you have a pick-up and delivery agreement with us. 
Remember that the maximum weight per pallet is 750 kg including packaging and the weight of the pallet.

If one of the parcels is over 120 x 60 x 60 cm, missing packaging or is roll-shaped, it must be sorted manually. This incurs a surcharge from December 1, 2023

Prior to sending parcels, you must remember to print out approved transport labels and attach them to any required customs documentation.

The transit times for Business Parcel Bulk vary depending on which country you are sending goods to. Find transit times in your agreement, or phone us on 04045 for more information. The mailing item can be tracked.

The parcels are delivered direct to your recipients Monday-Friday during office hours.

Read the terms and conditions here.

A Bring driver on the run with a parcel in hand

How much does it cost?

Find the price for bulk mailing in your agreement, or phone us on 04045 for more information.

The price includes collection, transport and delivery to the recipient's post office. Export and import declarations are included in the price. You must have an agent or a representative in the recipient country who can handle customs and VAT.

Prices will increase from December 1, 2023 by 7.5 %.

Useful customs information

If you are sending parcels abroad, customs clearance is always included in the postage. The correct customs documentation is important to avoid stoppages and delays relating to customs processing.

Below you will see which customs documents are required for your recipient to receive the parcels as quickly as possible:

  • Transport label
  • At least three copies of the commercial invoice
  • If there are a lot of customs codes, we will request a commercial goods list (punch list) in order to be able to carry out more efficient and cost-effective customs clearance
  • Routing Label (one per pallet [load bearer])
  • Waybill (consignment/delivery note) for the entire consignment

The fee for export and import customs clearance is included in the freight charge. The sender may need to have registered an importer who is responsible for VAT, customs and any other costs in the recipient country. You can find out more about customs clearance here.

Additional services

If you would like to make changes to your mailing item, you can choose from different additional services. These are ordered through either Mybring or EDI.

  • Cargo Insurance - we recommend Cargo Insurance for guaranteed compensation for the full value of your goods in the event of damage or loss.

    Applies to all types of permitted goods with the exception of mobile phones, wine, spirits and refrigerated, frozen and fresh or damaged goods. Items sent to/from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be insured.

    Please contact your seller if you would like Cargo Insurance for a full year.

  • By entering their mobile number or email address, your customer will be notified by SMS or email when the shipment is on its way.

  • Your parcel can be delivered even if your recipient is not present to sign for it. You must provide an alternative delivery location on the transport label, for example “The item should be put under the stairs”.

    When the recipient is not present for delivery, the driver follows the alternative instructions. The recipient then avoids having to collect the parcel from another address, thus speeding up delivery. This service is free and only applies in Denmark and Sweden. For this, you must be able to order via EDI and you must enter into an additional agreement with the seller.

  • Suitable if you would like your business customers to be able to return parcels free of charge from Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The parcels are combined locally and returned to your business.