Parcel for one recipient

If you want to send one or more parcels to the same recipient abroad, this is a good solution for you.
This service is ordered through Mybring or EDI.

  • Delivered to the recipient's door/nearest optional delivery location
  • Customised for online shops
  • EDI can be used for mailing items in the Nordic Region
  • Maximum weight per parcel is 20 kg

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You can order through Mybring or EDI, and we will collect your parcel if you have a pick-up and delivery agreement with us. 

Maximum weight per parcel is 20 kg in most countries but 35 kg for Finland.
Length must not exceed 150 cm and length+circumference must not exceed 300 cm.

Print out an approved address card via EDI, and attach it to the customs documentation.
Your parcels will be collected from your home. 



Your parcel can be tracked. Here you can find transit times for the country you want to send to (PDF) (LINK). The mailing item can be tracked to most countries.

The recipient

The recipient

Whether delivery of the mailing item is made to the recipient's door or to the post office will depend on the regulations of the recipient country.

For all parcels that are attempted to be delivered or sent directly to the post office, there is a collection deadline of at least 14 days and up to 4 weeks in some countries.

If the parcel is not collected by this deadline, it will be returned (unless you have an explicit waiver for the parcel in the transport label). In that case, you must pay the list price for an equivalent new parcel to the country in question.  

Useful customs information

If you are sending parcels abroad, customs clearance is always included in the postage. The correct customs documentation is important to avoid stoppages and delays relating to customs processing.

Below you will see which customs documents are required for your recipient to receive the parcel as quickly as possible:

The fee for export declaration is included in the freight charge. If you need help filling out the customs documents, you can visit the customs clearance documents page. You can find out more about customs clearance here.