Terms and conditions Newspapers to subscribers 2022

Terms and conditions Newspapers to subscribers

Norway Post distributes newspapers to street addresses every other day (Monday - Friday). Mailboxes receive mail every day (Monday - Friday).
To a defined geographical area, Norway Post offers distribution of newspapers every weekday (Monday - Friday). For more info which areas Norway Post distributes newspapers every weekday.

A written agreement must be signed at least 3 weeks before distribution start. A prerequisite for using the service is registration of a newspaper-plan per title.

1. What can be sent

Minimum 200 newspapers per handing-in. A lower number than 200 can be handed-in, the price will be calculated as for minimum 200 items. The minimum number comprises the total number of addressed and unnamed single newspapers to subscribers, extended distribution and single copies of newspapers for non-subscription sale.

Single copies to subscribers

Regular newspaper distribution sent from the same sender (publisher) to the same recipients (subscribers). Handing-in frequency must be minimum once per week for at least 48 of the weeks of the year. Newspapers cannot contain individual messages. We distinguish between addressed and unnamed single newspapers:  

  • Addressed to subscribers
    The newspapers should be handed-in with the subscriber's name and address printed directly on the newspaper.
  • Unnamed single newspapers
    Newspapers to defined distribution areas may be handed in as unnamed, but only according to agreement. The subscriber's name and address are transferred electronically to our digital route book no later than 2 weeks prior to distribution start. The minimum number is 30 newspapers per postal code (4 digits).

Extended distribution to predefined recipient groups

Extended distribution (full coverage distribution) to recipient groups in addition to regular subscribers can be agreed upon. Planned extended distribution must be ordered/registered online in a newspaper mailing plan, see point 4. The distribution must be limited to a defined geographical area and include all Households and/or Businesses which are registered in Posten Norge AS’s record for unaddressed mail, and have not reserved the right to refuse free newspapers.  

Extended distribution can be ordered on weekdays Monday through Thursday. Extended distribution will extend over two days from the date of order and will be distributed along with regular mail. Maximum one title / newspaper per day in the same geographical distribution area. Mail recipients who have marked the mailbox with “No thanks to free newspaper” will not receive newspapers in expanded distribution.

Special conditions related to movable Public Holy Days:

  • Easter: Items to be distributed during the Easter week must be handed-in no later than Monday (the day after Palm Sunday)
  • Christmas: Last handing-in option is two weekdays before Christmas Eve
  • New Year: Last handing-in option is two weekdays before New Year’s Eve

Bundles with single copies of newspapers for non-subscription sale to retail shops (kiosks/agents)

Bundles containing two or more single copies of newspapers intended for non-subscription sale can be forwarded together to a designated retail shop.

P.O.Box Saturday – Saturday newspapers to subscribers with a P.O.Box address

Saturday newspapers can be delivered on Saturdays to subscribers who have a P.O.Box address on a Saturday open post office and Post in Shop. It is assumed that the newspaper is delivered locally at the post office / Post in Shop where the recipient has its P.O.Box address.

2. Formats, Dimensions and Weight

Newspapers may consist of several sections, supplements and/or inserts. These elements must be joined together with section one (1) as a cover. Sections, supplements and inserts are all defined as parts of the newspaper and will be included in the weight per item. The exterior measures of the different sections, supplements and inserts must not exceed the measure of section one (1) (cover) and be placed in a way that the newspaper can easily be folded before inserted to the mail box.

  • Maximum dimension: Length 45 cm, width 35 cm, thickness 7 cm
  • Minimum dimension: Length 9 cm and width 14 cm
  • Weight: Up to 2 kg per item

Single copies of newspapers to non-subscription sale to retail shop

  • Maximum dimensions: Length 60 cm. Length + width +thickness up to 90 cm
  • Minimum dimension: Length 9 cm and width 14 cm
  • Weight: Up to 2 kg per item

3. Prices and Discounts

There are three pricing alternatives for newspapers to subscribers - Local, Regional or National distribution.

  • Local distribution is handed-in to the correct distribution point or P.O.Box facility
  • Regional distribution is handed-in to the correct terminal or defined regional reloading point
  • National distribution is forwarding between regions

The price is based on the following main components:

  • Price per item plus price per kilo in two weight groups for single-copy newspapers and a separate weight group for bundles with single copies of newspapers non-subscription sale.
  • When a handing-in consists of fewer than 200 items, the invoice will be calculated on the basis of the mnimum number of items.
  • Destination: Norway, Europe and the World

Discounts are granted on the following conditions, prices are available on bring.no:

  • Adaptation to mailbox format (single copy newspapers)
    Discounts are granted on all newspapers folded and/or produced by the customer in approximate A4-format to ensure efficient delivery in mailboxes/P.O.Boxes belonging to the subscribers. The newspaper must be folded in such a way that the receiver address is clearly visible.
  • Volume
    For mailings of 1500 newspapers or more, a volume discount is given.
  • Unnamed single newspaper distribution
    A discount is given for the number of unnamed newspapers to be distributed in the agreed geographical area. Discount is not given for newspapers with extended distribution (full coverage distribution).
  • Bundled (single copy newspapers)
    Customers who have sorted (4 digits of the postal code), packed and bundled 10 or more newspapers per bundle receive a discount for the current number of items. The discount is not given for extended distribution (full coverage distribution) and for newspapers in bundles with less than 10 copies. See guidelines for packing and marking of bundles in section 6.
  • Additional service - P.O.Box Saturdays newspaper
    The price for collection of Saturdays newspapers to subscribers with mailbox address at a post office/Post in Shop is based on local handing-in. There are no discounts given for newspapers delivered to mailboxes.

4. Customer Agreement and Newspaper Mailing Plan

A written agreement must be signed between the customer (publisher) and Posten Norge AS minimum 3 weeks before distribution start. The newspaper(s) title(s) covered by the agreement must be indicated in the agreement.

The customer must register one newspaper mailing plan per title. The newspaper mailing plan will serve as a basis for the distribution planning of Posten Norge AS and partly also for the calculation of the invoice.

In case of enduring alterations in a registered newspaper mailing plan, Bring Customer Service kundeservice.storbedrift@bring.com must be notified 15 workdays at the latest before the date of distribution. The customer must update the newspaper mailing plan the day before the distribution date to ensure that the correct price will be calculated. We will accept a deviation up to 10 % of number of items handed-in and number of items given in the mailing plan. In case of major deviations above 10% the mailing may be delayed or retained in compliance with the conditions of the agreement.

Extended distribution (full coverage distribution) must be ordered online, by making an update of the current newspaper mailing plan, minimum 15 workdays before the handing-in date. Our Bring Customer service will confirm orders of extended distribution (full coverage distribution) on the basis of available capacity at the local distribution centre. You will find more information about registration in the user manual.

5. Addressing

a) Addressed - with recipient's name and delivery address

Correct addressing with name and address of the recipient will ensure that newspapers reach the right recipient at the right time.

Name and address must be printed on light-coloured background and at the same place on all the newspaper copies. The address may be applied either on address stickers or printed directly onto the newspaper. Recipients name and address must face outward when the newspaper is folded. There must be a blank space of minimum 1 cm from all edges and any elements of text or print. The characters must be clear and set distinctly apart from each other.

b) Unnamed Newspapers - without name and delivery address

The subscribers’ name and delivery address are transferred to Bring in an agreed file format, at least 2 weeks before distribution start. All data about the subscriber is downloaded to the postman's digital route book and must contain the subscribers' name, surname and address.

Changes in the subscription list, additions and deletions, must be transferred in the agreed file format at the latest at 20:00 hours the day before distribution.

Newspapers to subscribers with a P.O.Box address must be marked with name and address.

Read more about subscription data and file formats

c) Return address

The return address must be visible in the front or back of the newspaper.

6. Conditions for sorting, packing and labelling of newspapers  

The newspapers must be pre-sorted and packed in bundles when handed-in, according to the following principles:

  • Local- and Regional newspaper distribution must be bundled. Either in 4-digit bundles or in bundles which contains newspapers to a distribution point or P.O.Box facility.
  • National newspaper distribution must be bundled and the newspapers must be placed in increasing postal code order.
  • Newspapers to subscribers abroad must be bundled according guidelines
  • Single copies of newspapers, for non-subscribers sale to retail shops (shops, kiosks,petrol stations etc.) must be separately bundled and addressed to each individual retail shop.

A top sheet with detailed information must be placed at the top of each individual bundle. The detailed information must indicate as to where and how the bundle shall be sorted and forwarded in the distribution system of Posten Norge AS:

More detailed information on guidelines for sorting, packing and labelling for newspapers to subscribers, please see Conditions for sorting, packing and labelling of newspapers (PDF).

An overview over handing-in sites, handing-in deadlines and postal codes to be used, can be found in the Postal code list.

P.O.Box Saturdays newspaper

Newspapers handed out to subscribers with a mailbox address at a post office/Post in Shop must be marked with the subscribers name and address with the P.O.Box number.

7. Order/Order Registration

We encourage you to order distribution of newspapers to subscribers online at My Post. Ordering by manual order form is granted as an exception.

The following order alternatives are accessible:

  • Online, registered customers  with access to MyPost
  • Direct Order, for registered customers with access to MyPost and frequent handing-in frequency per week. Require an agreement.
  • Manual order form, for registered customers without access to MyPost

The order registration must be performed prior to the handing-in to ensure that a print of the consignment note or manual order form can be delivered to the handing-in point.

8. Handing-in points and deadlines

The following handing-in deadlines apply to the different options:

Alternative Handing-in point Handing-in deadline
Local distribution At distribution point and Post Office / Post in Shop with mailbox facility At the latest 07:00 hours on the day of distribution
Regional distribution At terminals or transhipment points At the latest 00:30 hours on the day of distribution
National distribution and newspapers to abroad At main handing-in points according to the customer agreement Local deadlines apply


Saturday newspapers to subscribers with P.O.Boxes must be handed-in to the local post office/Post In Shop where the subscribers has its P.O.Box address.

9. Forwarding and Delivery

Provided that the newspapers are correctly addressed, packed and marked according to deadline the newspapers will have the following indicative delivery time

  • Local and regional distribution*:
    • Shipped the same day or the day after (Saturday, Sunday and holidays are included) 
  • National distribution: 2-3 days (in addition Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
  • Abroad:  3–14 days (in addition Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

Newspapers addressed to recipients in Norway will be delivered in the subscriber’s mailbox Monday – Friday, normally within 17:00 hours.

P.O.Box Saturday: Newspapers handed-in on a local post office/Post In Shop will be placed in the mailbox on Saturday.

*Parts of the distribution in North of Norway is depending on flight departures in the same area and therefor the handing-out time can be a day longer.

Posten Norge AS reserves the right to stop distribution / hold back handed-in items that do not meet the terms (eg addressing). Posten Norge AS will, after contact with the customer, clarify the further processing of the items in Posten Norge ASs value chain.

If further forwarding cannot be carried out without significant disadvantages / additional costs for Posten Norge AS, any further forwarding or return will be agreed. In such cases, the customer will cover Posten Norge ASs documented additional costs.

10. Invoicing

The invoice is based on the registered order/order form along with the newspaper mailing plan and a sample weight.

11. General Terms and Conditions

In addition to the product conditions as stated in this document, Posten Norge AS General Terms and Conditions of Delivery as well as the General Payment Terms Posten Norge AS will apply.
Posten Norge AS reserves the right to make alterations of prices and product conditions after prior notice, at the latest two months before the alteration takes effect. Information about alterations of prices and product conditions will be published on bring.no/en.