Until now, the Norwegian Customs has had this responsibility. Due to this reason, the VAT will no longer be stated on the customs declarations, as it is no longer customs concern. Instead, all businesses must submit the new version of the VAT return form, which now includes import VAT.

There are no other changes to the customs clearance process and the customs declaration is still mandatory.

The Norwegian Tax Authority has sent out a letter to all 360 000 VAT registered Norwegian businesses with information about the changes in VAT procedures when importing goods to Norway. Please read more about these changes here.

Bring can help

We believe that many of our customers are uncertain about how to calculate and report import VAT with the new rules and will thus face challenges when reporting the VAT in the new regime. This is especially relevant for customers where high, low or zero VAT applies, when the customer has many declarations per month or when each declaration contains different goods types with different VAT and/or special duties.

Bring E-Doc

The web portal Bring E-Doc is a comprehensive custom declaration archive fulfilling the customs authorities` demand for 10 years storage of customs documents. By using this module based subscription service, the user get access to all declarations and appendixes together with a set of handy functionalities contributing to good internal control and efficient reporting to the authorities.

By adding optional modules to the core Bring E-Doc system, the user can benefit from a broad range of analytics tools, statistics, VAT return form support and the opportunity to easily detect and request missing customs declarations from all customs brokers. Furthermore, the portal can utilize information from accounting system reports to make sure that the customs archive is compliant with both internal and external set requirements and regulations. If a customer needs a tailor made report or adjustment of the solution, Bring can be contacted for such requests.

Ordering the solution can be done through your Bring contact person or by contacting our customer service on +47 23 14 77 10 or e-doc@bring.com.

Download our Bring E-Doc user manuals

Bring E-Doc User Manual Main Module

Bring E-Doc User Manual Invoice Match

Estimate of import VAT

Beginning on January 1st 2017, we will offer a new VAT estimate as an automatic service in addition to each customs declaration. By accepting this, the customer will not need to detect and calculate the different VAT rates and amounts themselves, just confirming that the calculations from Bring are correct. This is a legal obligation, that all VAT registered businesses have, according to the principles in the new regulation.

This service costs NOK 75 per declaration. Customers using Bring E-Doc will get this VAT service included in the subscription price.


Customers who do not want this import VAT service are hereby asked to contact our customer service on phone +47 23 14 77 10 or email importmva@bring.com.

Customer value

We know that efficient logistics is crucial for our customers` success, thus continuously working hard to make sure our services are the best in the market. Cost effective, smart, correct and relevant customs services create customer value – every day!