Mailbox parcel

Would you prefer to send your parcels directly to your customer's mailbox? Mailbox parcel is our newest service, customised for online shops, sending small, light weight parcels that fit into the mailbox.

The service is easy to order via EDI. The parcels get tracking and notification based on bar code scanning. If you choose the RFID version, additional tracking and notification will be given.

  • Norway's smartest parcel
  • Simple and secure delivery
  • Tracking included in the freight price
  • Parcels up to 5 kg

Tell me what to do



You order via EDI. If you would like us to collect the parcels, we can set up a collection agreement. If not, you can hand the parcels at your local post office or Post in Shop.

Parcels must be labelled with our standard Mailbox parcel label. RFID tracking means that you must print your labels on an approved RFID printer.

If you would like to offer your customers a return service, we recommend that you check out return options for parcels under 5 kg.




When the parcel arrives at the mail terminal, it is scanned as received. If you have chosen the FRID version, the recipient gets a notification when the parcel is on its way to the mailbox. Mailbox parcel is a domestic service, sent by ordinary mail and delivered to the mailbox by the postman. Delivery time is 2-3 working days.

The recipient

The recipient

The parcel is delivered to your customer's mailbox. When the parcel is delivered to the mailbox, the recipient will be notified.

If the parcel will not fit in the mailbox, the customer will receive an SMS or email from us, to tell them that the parcel can be collected at the post office or Post in Shop.

We will send them a reminder to collect the parcel after 3 days, and another reminder after 11 days. If the parcel has still not been collected after 14 days, it will be returned to your business.

Bag on door

If the parcel for various reasons does not fit in the mailbox, the sender may against a fee, choose to leave the parcel on the door handle (in a special bag) to avoid it being sent to the pickup place.

This delivery option will have to be confirmed by the receiver upon booking delivery in the sender's online store. The recipient will receive an SMS/email when the parcel is delivered as Bag on door.


How much does it cost?

The freight price is dependent on the actual weight of the parcel and on the geographical distance between you and your customer, divided into eight price zones. Tracking is included in the freight price.


  • Parcels that do not fit in the mailbox will be delivered to the customer's Post office or Post in Shop for collecting. A surcharge per parcel is invoiced the sender.
  • If Bag on door is chosen as an alternative to collection at the customer's Post office or Post in Shop, a surcharge per parcel is invoiced the sender.