Small packets

If you want to send lots of small items of different weights and sizes, Small packets is our best option for you. 

Easy handing-in at your local Post office or Post in Shop.

Small packets will be terminated by 1.1.2018 and replaced by Mailbox packet.

  • Your choice of delivery speed, 1 - 2 days or 3 -5 days
  • Customised for online businesses
  • Mailings of multiple small packets
  • Small packets up to 2 kilos

Tell me what to do



You order your mailing of Small packets online at My Post. Check that your items are correctly labelled with a Postage paid impression and delivery speed.

Print out the consignment note at My Post and your mailing is ready to be handed in at the nearest Post office or Post in Shop.

If you would like to offer your customers a simple return service. read more about our Packet return solution for packets up to 2 kilos.



We deliver your items according to the desired delivery speed:
A-Priority within 1-2 workdays
B-Economy within 3-5 workdays

A complete and correct address plays a major role in ensuring that your mail is delivered to the right recipient without delay.

The recipient

The recipient

If the recipient's post box is locked or simply full, the packet will be delivered at the nearest Post office or Post in Shop. The recipient will get a note stating that the packet can be collected.

If the packet is not collected within seven days, the recipient will receive a reminder after 5 days. If it has still not been collected after 14 days, it will be returned to your business.


How much does it cost

Check if your addressing and layout meets the discount terms for machine readable items and save money on your mailing.

Price list and discounts