Addressed items
The combined postage paid indicia and climate neutral B-label can be used on Items with identical format, Items with varying sizes and Small packets. Minimum size 22,5 x 50 cm



standard norwegian.eps          new norwegian.eps          standard and new norwegian.eps
standard norwegian.jpg           new norwegian.jpg            standard and new norwegian.jpg
standard norwegian.pdf          new norwegian.pdf            standard and new norwegian.pdf

If your items are already marked with a postage paid indicia, you can print the climate neutral label next to it.

Klimanøytral B-Økonomi

Climate Neutral B-Economy

climate.eps                climate.jpg                climate.pdf

Unaddressed mail
The Unaddressed mail distribution is climate neutral. Label your items to show that you are environment conscious.


Climate neutral

green.eps           black.eps
green.jpg            black.jpg
green.pdf           black.pdf