Plastic pockets and labels when sending items with visible documents

Sending letters and parcels with e.g customs documents requires that the documents are visible on the front of the item. Buy plastic pockets, put the document in the pocket and stick it to the item.

You can also buy (some are free) various labels and address cards, such as:

  • Customs declaration
  • A-Priority labels 
  • PUM-labels (Proof of delivery)
  • Cash on delivery 
  • Registered letter labels

Buy plastic pockets and labels    

Cardboard boxes

Three different sizes available online:

  • Small - 35cm x 25cm x 7cm
  • Medium - 30cm x 35cm x 12cm
  • Large  - 50cm x 30cm x 20cm)

For a wider selection of packaging, Staples or Rajapack might have what you are looking for.


Buy cardboard boxes

Envelopes for biological material

If you are sending biological material, the packaging provisions is essential for the sake of patients and staff working with mail, transport or in the laboratory. We recommend you to use biological envelopes. It's convenient, safe and secure way of sending biological material.

  • The envelopes are pre-stamped and ready for use.
  • Delivery speed is 2 business days and we deliver mail Monday to Friday.
  • The envelopes satisfy the requirements for labelling of biological material, but please note that Bring only supplies the outer packaging. You need to contact your supplier of internal packaging for more information.
    You may use your business logo on the envelope
  • The envelopes can be handed in at your Post office og Post in Shop.
  • Each item can weigh up to 350 grams with measurements 170x350 mm

If your recipient should pay for the item, you may use our Cash on delivery service. Remember to frank the envelope with the additional COD postage. 

Buy envelopes for biological material