Business partload

Send goods to business throughout Norway, including Svalbard.

NB: This service replaces Transporting goods to businesses in Norway
  • SMOOTH - direct door-to-door delivery, without reloading
  • FLEXIBLE - many additional services that customise the transportation to suit your needs
  • HIGH CAPACITY - from 3 500 kg in one consignment

Partload is the recommended service when you want to send partial or full loads. As a rule, the shipment is delivered directly to the recipient, without terminal handling.

Bring takes your goods safely to the recipient, with great local knowledge and precision. We have state-of-the-art terminals that cope with high loads and future requirements. We operate all over Norway and with fixed routes over large parts of the country, efficient shipment times are ensured.

A forklift is loading goods on to a Bring truck

How much does it cost?

How to calculate price:

Prices increase by 7.4 % from December 1, 2021.

1) Find the correct zone in the zone table
2) Estimate the chargeable weight for the shipment.
3) The zone and chargeable weight will give you the correct price in the price list

Price list for additional services and other surcharges
Chargeable weight
Fuel surcharge
Toll charges
Download the transport guide from July 1, 2021 (pdf)

What do you need to know?

Service specifications

Min. weight: 3 500 kg
Maximum/package: 1 200 kg (a special goods surchage will apply to a heavier weight per package).
Maximum dimensions: 2,4 m or two sides exceeding 2 m. (a surcharge for special goods applies to dimensions exceeding these).

How to proceed

Packing and packaging

Pack your goods safely, with impact-absorbing material and appropriate outer packaging. More good tips on packing and marking can be found here.

Ordering and pick-up

Order directly in Mybring, via API, EDI or in your TA system. Order by 2.30 p.m. for delivery the next working day. The goods are picked up at a particular location, e.g. at a goods reception. Pick-up takes place on fixed days at fixed times according to the collection agreement or advance booking.

During transport

Partloads are most often driven directly to the recipient. With our tracking service you can track your shipment along the way. You can find the delivery time for your shipment in Mybring. You can also read more about delivery times and coverage areas on our advice pages. 

Delivery and receipt

We deliver to the recipient between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m on working days. For larger shipments delivery takes place to the goods ramp/on ground level.

Additional Services

Improve your customers' experience by using some of our supplementary services.

  • If your company is to send chemicals, substances, mixtures, products and articles with such properties that they represent a danger to people, material values and the environment in the event of an accident, these must be sent as dangerous goods.

    There are specific requirements in relation to the disclosure of information, labelling and the transport of dangerous goods, and these must be complied with. If there is a breach of responsibility by the sender/customer, the party paying the freight will be charged.

  • When your goods require temperatures above 0 degree. Applicable between October and March. Please contact your local Bring department if you have further questions regarding non-freeze.

  • By entering their mobile number or email address, your customer will be notified by SMS or email when the shipment is on its way.

  • Suitable for transport assignments where a mobile crane truck is needed.

  • If you need help labelling goods, we can do the job for you.

  • If your business need helps with an ADR load, an adviser can assist with, among other things, filling out documents for dangerous goods and offering courses

  • If you would like additional full-value insurance in addition to NSAB, we recommend transport insurance. Please contact your local department.

  • Shipping is normally paid by the sender. If the company wants Bring to invoice the recipient, a written agreement must be entered into. The service is invoiced with a surcharge per shipment.

  • Shipping is normally paid by the sender. If the company wants Bring to invoice a third party, a written agreement must be entered into. The service is invoiced with a surcharge per shipment.

  • If the recipient's address is not on the normal transport route, the goods will be transported to the nearest terminal. If the recipient requires delivery, they agree on the price and time with the local department.

  • If required, we can fill in and print out the consignment note for you.

  • Pallets will be exchanged against an electronic registration. The service includes that we exchange EUR-pallets with both sender and receiver of a consignment, and return EUR-pallets to the sender. This service requires an agreement, and will be billed according to our price list.

  • We will notify you via sms or email if something unforeseen occurs and your shipment is delayed. If you have provided the recipient's email address, the recipient will also be notified. To include this service, you easily subscribe in Mybring.

  • Simplified delivery is a service where the sender asks Bring to leave the goods at the recipient's location without the recipient being present to receive the delivery. The service must be ordered via EDI message. The service is free of charge. According to the agreement with the sender, the driver leaves the goods at street level, registers the goods as delivered and thus ensures traceability for the consignment.

    This service entails that the customer accepts the associated risk with regard to liability and surrenders the right to compensation in the event of damage and loss. Not all addresses in Norway are suitable for leaving goods.

    Simplified delivery can be offered in online stores so that the buyer himself decides whether this is a desired delivery method.