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Express next day

When time is of the essence! Extra fast package delivery directly to the door the next day.

  • FAST - delivery to the door by 9 a.m. the next day, to most of Norway
  • Safe - comes with a time guarantee
  • Secure - the shipment is insured for up to NOK 50 000.
  • Flexible - Saturday delivery is possible

We ship by vehicle and/or airplane – depending on what is required for your shipment to arrive on time. The service covers all of Norway. We also offer delivery on Saturday as an additional service to most postal codes in Norway.

delivery of express package

How much does it cost?

How to calculate price

The price can be found at the point of intersection between the number of zones (horizontal) and chargeable weight (vertical). This is how you find the chargeable weight.

What do you need to know?

Service specifications

Maximum weight: 35 kg
Maximum dimensions: 120x60x60 cm  
Deviation from this will result in a price surcharge from December 1, 2023.

See terms and conditions

    How to proceed

  1. 1

    Packing and packaging

    Pack your shipment properly and mark it well. Use impact-absorbing material for fragile items to absorb pressure and impact while protecting the contents. Click here to read more about packaging and labelling.

  2. 2

    Ordering and pick-up

    Order shipping directly in Mybring, via API, EDI or in your TA system. Deliver the package at your nearest drop-off point, or enter into a fixed collection agreement with us. You can also order individual pick-ups in Mybring when you need it.

    If you have other package services that need to be picked up at the same time, be sure to separate them clearly.

  3. 3

    During transport

    We deliver the next day in central areas, but the delivery times depend on where you are sending the parcel. You can find how long it will take for your package in Mybring. Do you need to have the package delivered on a Saturday? Here you can check if it is possible for the desired postal code.

  4. 4

    Delivery and receipt

    The recipient will have the parcel delivered to their door when they sign for it. Delivery will take place by 9 a.m., 11.30 a.m. or 4.00 p.m., depending on the postal code. If the shipment cannot be delivered, it will be sent to the recipient's local pick-up point.

Additional Services

Improve your customers' experience by using some of our supplementary services.

  • By entering their mobile number or email address, your customer will be notified by SMS or email when the shipment is on its way.

  • A simple arrangement where your company pays for return freight. You can choose between enclosing a return address card in the parcel, sending out return address cards to your departments around the country or sending them directly to your private customers if needed. You can print out the return address card after you have ordered this service via EDI or Mybring. The service costs the same as ordering parcels with some exceptions.

    • The address card must have the recipient’s information printed on it
    • Return service parcels cannot be sent as cash on delivery (COD)
    • The returns shipment can be tracked
  • It is possible to order the additional service Saturday delivery of Business Parcel Express Overnight.
    This service is available for most postal codes. However, there are some postal codes we do not cover and some routes we do not serve from Friday to Saturday.

    In the link to the Excel file below you can check the following:

    • Whether it is possible to send parcels with Saturday delivery from one postal code to another.
    • Whether the postal code to send to is defined as a central or non-central area.

      Central areas have an extra charge of NOK 264, while non-central areas have an extra charge of NOK 702 from December 1, 2023. Delivery on Saturday takes place between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., with only one delivery attempt.
  • Your customer can choose which post office/post in store or parcel locker they wish to pick up their parcel from. The choice is made at the moment the customer purchases the item online and cannot be changed once the parcel has been sent.

    Senders who wish to use this service will be sent a URL with the selected profile. A technical document describing the choice of profile options is available through your contact person with us.


    • Parcel to pickup point: NOK 0
    • Express next day: NOK 45 excluding VAT from December 1, 2023