Logistics services - adjusted prices from December 1, 2020

We are changing the prices for our logistics services.

Below you will find links to service sheets with more detailed pricing information as well as a summary table showing percentage increase per service.

Transport guide for parcels and goods in Norway from December 1, 2020 (PDF) will be added soon. It contains complete price lists, descriptions of terms in addtion to place and zone register.

If you still have an agreement to use some of our services that will be phased out; please click on the service names listed in parentheses. 

Domestic parcels and cargo

Business parcel (To the door of businesses abroad)
Express next day (Business express)
PickUp Parcel (Climate-neutral service parcel)
Home delivery parcel (Home delivery)
Mailbox parcel
Business Groupage (Groupage and partload)
Business partload 
Special transport 
Warehouse solutions 

Additional services and surcharges

Pick up and delivery
Handling surcharge parcels
Svalbard - surcharge

International parcels and cargo

Business Parcel abroad 
Business Parcel Bulk
Business Pallet 
PickUp Parcel 
PickUp Parcel Bulk
Home Delivery Parcel abroad 
Cargo international 
Warehouse solutions 

Domestic and international courier and express

Local courier services
National and international courier services

Domestic services Price adjustment in percentage from December 1, 2020 Price list
Mailbox Parcel 5.0% (January 1, 2021) Price list Mailbox Parcel (pdf)
Home delivery parcel
(Home delivery)
0% (new pricing model)

(0% (unchanged))
Price list Home delivery parcel (pdf)
(Price list Home delivery (pdf))
PickUp parcel
(Climate-neutral service parcel)
Price list PickUp parcel (pdf)
(Price list Climate-neutral service parcel (pdf))
Express next day
(Business Express)
Price list Express next day (pdf)
(Price list Business Express (pdf))
Business parcel
(To the door of the business)
Price list Business parcel (pdf)
(Price list To the door of the business (pdf))
Business Groupage
(Groupage and partload)
Price list Business Groupage (pdf)
Business partload
(Groupage and partload)
Pick up and delivery 2.9%  
Special transport 4.5%  
Courier and express 3.0% (January 1, 2021)  
Warehouse solutions 3.0% (January 1, 2021)  
Intermodal 4.5% (January 1, 2021)  


Services abroad Price adjustment in percentage from December 1, 2020
Business Parcel 3.5%
Business Parcel Bulk 3.5%
Business Pallet 3.5%
PickUp Parcel 3.5%
PickUp Parcel Bulk 3.5%
Home Delivery Parcel 3.5%
Courier and express 3.0% (January 1, 2021)
Warehouse solutions 3.0% (January 1, 2021)
Cargo international 4.5%
Intermodal 4.5% (January 1, 2021)
Customs services parcels 3.5%

New prices for other countries: