Logistics services - adjusted prices from December 1, 2019

We are changing the prices for our logistics services.

The prices will be adjusted on two different dates, depending on the service: 1 December 2019 and 1 January 2020.

Below you will find links to service sheets with more detailed pricing information as well as a summary table showing percentage increase per service.

Transport guide for parcels and goods in Norway from December 1, 2019 (PDF).

Parcels in Norway

Business parcel
Business Express
Express Delivery to Private Customers
Climate-neutral Service parcel
Home Delivery
Mailbox Parcel 

Additional services

Pick-up and delivery
Handling Surcharge parcels
Surcharge for Svalbard

Cargo in Norway

Groupage and part loads 
Temperature-controlled transport
The Oil Express
Special transport

Warehousing in Norway

Warehouse solutions

Courier and express in Norway

Local courier services

Cargo abroad

Temperature-controlled transport
Groupage and Part Loads

Courier and express abroad

National and international courier services

Parcels and pallets abroad

Business Parcel
Business Parcel Bulk
Business Pallet
PickUp Parcel
PickUp Parcel Bulk
Home Delivery Parcel

You can find new prices in other countries on the pages below:


Services Price adjustment in percentage Price table
Mailbox Parcel 3.00 % (01.01.2020)* PDF
Home Delivery 3.90% PDF
Climate-neutral Service Parcel 2.90 % PDF
Business Express 3.90 % PDF
Business Parcel 3.90 % PDF
Groupage 5.50 %  
Part Loads 6.90 %  
Temperature-controlled transport in Norway 5.90 %  
Pick-up and Delivery 3.00 % PDF
Warehouse solutions in Norway 5.90 % (01.01.2020)  
Special transport in Norway 4.50 % (01.01.2020)  
The Oil Express in Norway 6.90 % (01.01.2020)  
Courier in Norway 4.40 % (01.01.2020)  
Courier and express services in Norway 4.40 % (01.01.2020)  
Groupage and Part Loads abroad (import and export) 4.90 %  
Special transport abroad 4.50 % (01.01.2020)  
Temperature-controlled transport abroad 5.90 %  
Courier and express services abroad 4.40 % (01.01.2020)  
Surcharge to/from Svalbard 3.00% Info page
Parcels to private consumers abroad (list price) 3.50%  
PickUp Parcel to Sweden 3.70%  
PickUp Parcel to Denmark 2.30%  
PickUp Parcel to Finland 1.40%  
PickUp Parcel to the rest of the world 3.50%  
Parcels to businesses abroad (list price) 3.50%  
Business Parcel to Sweden 2.10%  
Business Parcel to Denmark 2.30%  
Business Parcel to Finland 2.60%  
Business Parcel to the rest of the world 3.50%  
Business Pallet to Sweden 6.40%  
Business Pallet to Denmark 4.40%  
Business Pallet to Finland 4.40%  
Business Pallet to the rest of the world 6.00%  
Business Pallet Return 6.00%  

* Valid until new service.

Please note that due to a new requirement in Denmark, as of January 1, 2020, a further percentage adjustment is made in addition to the above regular price adjustment. See below.The additional adjustment applies to all transports to and within Denmark.

Service Price adjustment Price table 01.01.2020
Parcels to companies to Denmark 2.00% Business Parcel Return PDF
Pallets to companies to Denmark 2.20% Business Pallet PDF
Parcels to comsumers to Denmark 2.50% PickUp Parcel Return PDF

For more information regarding the new requirement, please visit www.varebilskrav.dk.